God is Not Enough

God Is Not Enough.

When God gives us a command to do or not to do something, that doesn’t cut it. we have to somehow make it relate to us before we’ll have the desire to obey it.

For example, some Christian girls wear purity rings that say “true love waits.”  Christian parents teach their kids that they should wait until marriage to have sex because “it will be worth it.” because “it will save you from a lot of heartache and regret” etc. etc.  are those things true? i would assume so. but that’s not the reason we should practice abstinence.

When did, “Christians should refrain from having sex until marriage because God hates it, and it is sin” stop becoming enough?  You know why that answer’s not enough for us? because God’s not enough.  Because saying something hurts God isn’t a good enough reason for us to obey him.  It’s got to relate to us, and if it helps us out and we’re assured it will make our lives better, then okay we can do that.

Another example:  “Don’t get angry and lose your temper because you’ll lose your testimony; and it matters what people think of you.”  true? sure. but is this the reason why we shouldn’t lose our temper? no. We shouldn’t lose our temper because God calls it sin, not because of how it affects me or everyone else’s view of me.

When I love somebody, why would I want to do anything to hurt that person?

So what does it say about me when I claim to love God but can’t obey him purely for his sake and not for mine?

Do we love him? maybe we don’t.  maybe the shame, the sin, the beatings, the slander, the ripping of his flesh; the tears; the agony he went through to redeem sinful humanity wasn’t enough to win my love.  Maybe eternal life and the opportunity to have fellowship and a right relationship with him; to be an adopted son of God himself isn’t enough. Maybe “his robes for mine” doesn’t cut it. Maybe Jesus owes me more.  So until that day, I’ll lay out at the pool of ungratefulness and soak up my love of me.  I’ll obey things when I see that they benefit me.  But, God, I’ll take you up on that offer of heaven when i die.

God forgive us.


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