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Half My Heart to Make You Whole

(title credit: dragonheart [great movie]). Now that that’s out of the way…


People tend to inundate you with advice when you get pregnant (I AM NOT PREGNANT).  But also, people tend to do the same when you get married:  Enjoy this; don’t worry about this; the first few months will be hard; communicate etc.  I think before I got married, the thing at the top of my list of what makes a good wife was – take care of your husband: meet his needs; fill his tummy; be easy to love. 


I think as a newlywed, most women fail in the “keeping house” category, not by not doing it; but by doing it too well.  “I’ve got to budget this; I’ve got to make sure the laundry is done; the house is clean; we have food to eat that’s semi-healthy,” and that’s all there is to being a good wife.  


I’m the type of person who hates falling into a stereotype.  So everything that a newlywed wife failed at, I was not going to.  I was not going to post that the house was clean and dinner’s in the oven on facebook.  I was just going to take care of my husband and love him and be the best at it.  I was going to be the pro.  


…Until I began to realize that I was failing at being a wife. No, our apartment wasn’t messy; and i wasn’t forgetting to cook; and the laundry wasn’t piling up.  But I was so concerned with my husband’s physical needs being met that I forgot what binds me to my husband is Christ; not homemade meals and sex.  




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