Syrian Refugee Post #234,679,675,999

This is the 234,679,675,999 article/blog/note published about the Syrian refugees.

But whatevs.

Stop making excuses for why you’ve closed your heart to the cries of refugees. Just call it what it is: You can’t be bothered with other people’s needs.

Stop saying we should take care of our vets before we let in refugees when you’ve never cared about vets before.

Stop saying we have homeless people in America we need to house first when you have no intention of housing them. You’re not fooling anyone.

Stop saying you’re just using common sense. Common sense doesn’t let a handful of people’s actions condemn a whole nation.

Stop saying the highest good in life is protecting your family at all costs. Go read your Bible again. There are things far greater, and your family’s not your flesh and blood.

Stop taking the verse in Psalms about building a wall completely out of context by saying it’s relevant to the refugee crisis right now.

Stop saying we need to get back to Christian values. We never were a Christian nation: we staked our claim in America by thievery and unjustified murder. Let’s please not go back there. We’re finally evolving into something better.

Repeat after me, “I can’t be bothered with other people’s needs.”

“I can’t be bothered with other people’s needs.”


Now say it by yourself.

No, not in your head.

No, not in a whisper.

Say it out loud because it’s not just a political stance; it’s who you are.



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